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LP4Y Fundamentals


In the world today there are now 1.2 billion young people aged between 15 and 24. Of these, 550 million, that is nearly half, suffer from malnutrition, illness and violence. It is calculated that in 2025, 1 billion Young People will be living below the poverty line of $2 US per day.


In response to this desperate situation, a group of friends, entrepreneurs and young people in Europe and the US decided to create Life Project 4 Youth, an organization 100% dedicated to the integration of Young Adults living in extreme poverty and exclusion. The challenge was to set up “Life Project Centers” near slum areas. By means of entrepreneurial projects operated from these LPCs, LP4Y would accompany the Young Adults towards social and professional inclusion.


LP4Y has chosen to accompany Young Adults living in extreme poverty (less than $2 US per day) who are victims of exclusion (people with disabilities, orphans, victims of domestic violence, prisoners or ex-prisoners, young single mothers, out-of-school youngsters …). The most important criteria for the Young Adults to enter LP4Y programs are the demonstration of serious commitment and motivation.


The Young motivated Adult joins a program made of a team of 15 others, evolving together through the three pedagogical pillars of the Professional Training for Entrepreneurs :

  • WORK (2 and a half days per week): creation, development and management of a micro economic activity.
  • LEARN (1 and a half days per week): English, IT, communication training and catch up education.
  • GUIDE (1 day per week): coaching to further their personal skills and build their Life Project Plan.

This pedagogy, that encourages them to look ahead, imagine a future and voice their dreams and ambitions, gives them the keys to managing their own lives and escaping exclusion in order to achieve a decent existence (employment, accommodation, good health and nutrition, education).

The Professional Training for Entrepreneurs is a pedagogical journey lasting

  • 18 months on average
  • 5 days a week
  • 8 hours a day

It is broken into 4 successive stages of about 4 months each: Autonomy, Responsibility, Management (all of which take place in the LPC), and Entrepreneurship, which is an internship or first job.




By entering LP4Y, the Young Adult immediately steps out of extreme poverty thanks to the Life Project Money (LPM), an allowance he received every week. It is sufficient to supply the basic needs of food, hygiene, clothing, accommodation and health, and to contribute to the financial security of their biological or adopted family. It also allows them to start saving for the development of their future Life Project. The amount of the allowance increases as they complete successive levels of the PTE. At its lowest it is equivalent to twice the poverty level of $2 US per day. It is always below the minimum local wage so as not to discourage the Young Adults from seeking work. The Young Adults are assisted with the management of their savings by the coach at the LPC.


Each team of 15 Young Adults is accompanied by a coach-coordinator, an LP4Y volunteer on a 1 – 2 year mission. In addition, volunteer professionals work with the Young Adults to help them develop their skills according to their specific needs. It is central to the LP4Y philosophy that the Young Adults have only affirmative experiences. While the accompaniment is by necessity demanding, all communication must be 100% positive. Team spirit is actively encouraged.


Since its inception in 2009 in the Philippines, LP4Y has developed:

  • 6 Life Project Centers (LPCs) in the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, and Iligan)
  • 3 LPCs in Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • 3 LPCs in Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City)
  • 4 LPCs are opening in India (New Delhi and Kolkata)


LP4Y has developed 6 LPCs in the Philippines which host 12 programs (in the parenthesis are the micro-economic activities managed by the Youth of the teams):

  • Hear-Us (jewelry) and Origin (jewelry) in Iligan. The origin program is located in the Iligan City jail and Hear-Us welcomes deaf youth.
  • Aurora (sewing, embroidering), 3S (renting of solar lanterns in Tondo slum) and Bloom (Sari-sari snack supply) programs in Tondo. This LPC welcomes only young mothers and hosts a nursery (Little Angels Nursery).
  • Eco Construction (Bamboo construction), Green Garden (farming and outdoor arrangement) and Green Program (healthy food – jams, cakes, juices, fruits shakes) programs. The LPC is located in a relocation site in Calauan, Laguna.
  • MyCraft (bamboo / wood candles) and Origin (jewelry) in Lapu-Lapu City. The Origin program is located in the Lapu-Lapu City jail.
  • Fashion 4 Youth (sewing and printing) and Natural Health Care (soaps and ointments) located in Quezon City.


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