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Heard about Baguio’s famous Ube jam? It’s made with love and prayer by the Good Shepherd Sisters and partners. But that’s not their main occupation.

They believe that one person is of more value than the whole world. This philosophy compel them to take care of women and girls (as early as 1912!) who have been victims of prostitution, human trafficking, and abuse. While daylight is spent on caregiving, classes, counselling, skills training, and nursery work in 13 houses spread across the country, every night outreach teams brave the red light districts and port areas to seek for women working in prostitution who want to quit their jobs as sex workers and to raise public awareness of the problem of human trafficking. Annually, they help 523 women and girls to get out of these condition and throughout the years, countless stories of hope and conversion emerge from their shelters. This is small compared to the estimated 300,000 – 400,000 number of women and girls engaged in prostitution rings so they collaborate with organizations, churches, and public institutions to bring about change in whatever condemns others to live a marginalized life.

You may see some of their work in this video:

Keeping these houses running entails a great deal of support from donors who share the same belief as the sisters. But funds to keep these shelter to operate are dwindling over the years and for some houses which used to be supported by government funding were cut. Only by miracle that they are able to manage day to day operations, let alone the upkeep of the facilities. With your support, they can increase the number of women and girls who can benefit from their programs, engage to a wider audience to combat human trafficking, and uplift the quality of services they provide. This means more girls safe from harm’s way and countless families provided with decent work. Just imagine how many more lives we can change every year.


For more details about their mission, visit their website at:


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